2015-flicks2015 is shaping up to be a great year for horror in both TV and film. The highly anticipated Walking Dead spinoff is supposed to appear towards the end of the year on TV and some of the best loved horror franchises have new films coming out in 2015 which fans are anxious to see. Ghostbusters is moving forward with an all-female reboot of the original and there is also a Zombieland 2 on the horizon.

Check out these five fan favorite horror films that are coming in 2015:


The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (January 2015)
 The Woman in Black proved to be such a hit with audiences that the studio quickly made another one. This film is set 40 years after the events of the last film, and Daniel Radcliffe does make some small guest appearances in this film but won’t be a principal…

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beth-twdThe writers of The Walking Dead may have underestimated the impact that the death of Beth Greene in the mid-season finale of the show, Coda, would have on fans. The show has never shied away from killing off main characters, even beloved characters. Scott Gimple, Robert Kirkman and other writers and producers on the show have said repeatedly that any of the show’s characters might find themselves on the chopping block at any point. Scott Gimple has said that the writers are committed to telling the story of this group of survivors, and they will do whatever it takes to tell the whole story even when popular major characters find their part of the story coming to a close. The cast members have said they rush through each script when they get it and read to the end to find out if they make it through the episode and rejoice…

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photosRing in the New Year and party like it’s 1999, or 1899 or 2099 with fun costumes that give a fresh spin to New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve parties have been the same for decades. This year give your party a makeover and make it more fun with costumes. Choose a fun theme and get ready to start the New Year off on a happy and positive note celebrating with all of your friends and family. Instead of a boring formal New Year’s Eve party or yet another business casual meet and greet type party make sure everyone has a good time by adding costumes to the mix. A costume party for New Year’s Eve is a great way to end the winter holidays. Here are some good ways that you can convince people to dress up for party:

Send Great Invitations
Skip the online invitations this year and…

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ugly-sweatersThe holidays don’t have to end on a sad note. Send off the holidays with a laugh by having an Ugly Sweater Party. Ugly Sweater parties are very trendy right now and holding one at the end of the holiday season or for New Year’s Eve will give your loved ones a chance to start the New Year on a happy note.

Ugly Sweater Parties are great for social media so if you have been wanting to get some Instagram or Twitter worthy pictures an Ugly Sweater Party is a great chance to take photos that will really stand out. You can even make your Ugly Sweater uglier by stapling ornaments, crochet animals and other items onto it. If you want to take your Ugly Sweater to the next level try wearing an Ugly Suit, which is an entire suit patterned like a traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater. Your Instagram followers…

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ZombieApocalypseA staggering amount of people believe that a zombie apocalypse could happen within their lifetime. More people have zombie disaster plans than have plans for things like floods, fires, and other natural disasters. Even the Federal government acknowledged the possibility of a zombie apocalypse when the CDC used a fictional zombie apocalypse as the basis for a pamphlet explaining how people should create an emergency plan. But how likely is a zombie apocalypse really? More likely than you might think. Check out some of these terrifying real life things that could ultimately cause a full blown zombie apocalypse:

Bath salts, cocaine, meth and other drugs are known to produce extreme behavior and paranoia in people who use them. Most people were horrified when people who had used bath salts turned on other people and started to eat them, much the way that zombies would. There is a strong possibility…

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It’s no secret that the Star Wars prequel trilogy was a universal disappointment to fans. Jar Jar Binks was probably the worst conceived character in the entire Star Wars pantheon, but he wasn’t the only problem with that trilogy. Fans are a little skeptical that the new trilogy, starting with Episode VII, The Force Awakens will be any better. But this time they have to get the films right because the story is picking up the story of Luke, Leia and Han Solo and fans will riot if these films are not done well. The purchase of Star Wars by Disney and the involvement of J.J. Abrams as both director and co-writer of the first film bodes well for the film. Fans are already excited by the trailer for The Force Awakens which was recently released.

The Storyline for The Force Awakens
Obviously some time has passed since Return of…

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5-things-the-walking-deadThe Walking Dead is the most popular show on cable TV, with ratings that continue to skyrocket. But despite the popularity of the show and the millions of fans that the show and the actors have there are a lot of things that people don’t really know about the show. Check out these interesting things that you may not have known about The Walking Dead and the actors and producers who create the show that came from nowhere to set TV records every season:

Woodbury is a Real Place
The prison where Rick and the rest of the survivors was really an elaborate set built on the lot of Raleigh Studios, the home of The Walking Dead in Senoia, GA. But Woodbury is a real place, it’s just not called Woodbury. The picturesque downtown of Senoia, GA was transformed into Woodbury during Season 3 of The Walking Dead. The Woodbury…

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Proving that movie studios are going to keep churning out as many comic properties as they can buy Warner Bros studio announced recently that it has no less than 10 films on the schedule based on DC comic superheroes. Some of those films will be crossovers and will feature several heroes from within the DC universe. Others will be based solely on one superhero figure although some of the other DC characters will probably end up making cameo appearances. The films are staggered, with some of them not appearing for another six years, but Warner Bros wanted to let fans know that their favorite comic superheroes will be making their way to the big screen eventually. Well some of them will. Notoriously absent from the superheroes who got their own films are fan favorites like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. A Sandman movie is in production, but is going to be released…

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zombiielandFans of the original Zombieland cult classic film have been waiting anxiously for news about a sequel. So far news has been hard to get because the project has been stalled out. But recently it seems that Zombieland 2 got a push forward when it was confirmed that Sony Pictures has hired Dave Callaham to write the sequel, Zombieland 2. Callaham wrote The Expendables script and has worked on other dark scripts in the past so he is a good choice to write the sequel. Unfortunately there is no director assigned to the project yet and the stars of the film have been silent on what role if any they want in the sequel. Since the original film several of the stars have gone on to quite successful careers and they might not want to revisit their Zombieland past. Only time will tell at this point.

Zombie films are trendy…

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2015-horrorThe horror film genre has undergone a resurgence in the last few years. Finally the “found footage” gimmick is being laid to rest and more films are focusing on story development and storytelling.


There are a lot of classic horror films that are being given modern reboots. And the huge popularity of horror TV shows like The Walking Dead, True Blood, and American Horror Story is driving horror movie writers and producers to create better original content. 2015 is going to be a great year for horror and science fiction films if all the films slated to open during the year make it to the screen.


Check out some of the best horror films coming in 2015:


The reboot of Poltergeist will finally be hitting theaters in 2015. Even though the reboot is supposed to get the franchise started again the story isn’t a retelling of the…

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zombie-makeupHalloween is almost here! Don’t stress out if you haven’t gotten a costume yet. There are lots of last minute Halloween costumes that you can make with things you already have or supplies that you can buy at any craft or Halloween store. Sometimes waiting until the last minute can lead to the most creative costumes. When you are putting together a last minute costume be realistic about the amount of time that you have to create the costume and choose a costume that you can easily get done in the amount of time that you have. Here are five ideas for last –minute costumes that are easy to make but won’t look like they were thrown together at the last minute:

Day of the Dead

Sugar Skull or Day of the Dead makeup is perfect for a last minute costume. You can wear all black clothing and let the…

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stay-puftPeople have been fascinated with magical creatures and the supernatural for a very long time. If you look at the most popular stories of mankind, you will realize that most of them are based on fantasy creatures that live side by side with us, humans.

There are some TV shows and movies out there that have really brought out everyone’s fascination with these mythical creatures and characters. Supernatural (featuring Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who hunt these creatures), Grimm (featuring a descendent of the Grimm brothers and many fantasy characters) and Ghostbusters (featuring a team of people dealing particularly with ghost hunting) are among these TV Shows/movies

Ghostbusters is probably the oldest one out of all the 3 mentioned above. The first movie was released in 1984 and ever since then, it has managed to somehow make everyone out there be fascinated with it from multiple points of view.…

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horse-maskHave you seen photos on social media that feature people artfully posed wearing animal masks? These photos are usually heavily filtered and presented as art rather than traditional photographs. They are everywhere on sites like Facebook and Instagram and the trend is not showing any sign of slowing down. These photos can be funny, disturbing, creepy or intriguing but they are rarely boring. People who love to take photos are exploring trends like this as a way to present their work and get their photographs noticed. Social media is so choked with photographs every day that it’s easy for photos to get lost in the endless parade of selfies and photos of meals. Animal mask photos stand out and make people stop and look, and they’ve been around for longer than you might realize.

As far as anyone can tell the trend of taking artful photos while wearing animal head…

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comicconFan conventions used to be only something that fans of science fiction and comics attended. Since those things were considered to be nerdy, and nerdy was not something that was socially acceptable to be, those conventions were generally not too well attended or popular. But the San Diego Comic Con changed that. Commonly just called Comic Con or SDCC this convention made it socially acceptable to go to conventions.

Now fans of action, science fiction and horror films, TV shows, comics, and video games regularly attend cons. Major movie studios and TV studios regularly debut trailers and other marketing materials at cons. Some studios even develop special companion comics to a large scale release specifically to build interest about a movie at a con before the movie actually premiers. Studios host panels at SDCC where the stars, writers and producers of movies and TV shows talk about their work. And…

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