The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire is online for the 2008 Halloween Season!
The 8th Annual Halloween Extravaganza began October 1st on and
promises to be their biggest and best Halloween Celebration yet!

In addition to broadcasting the widest varity of Halloween themed music & comedy on
three award winning Halloween Radio stations every October, The NeverEndingWonder
Halloween Radio Empire announced an exciting new feature this year: The Voices of
Halloween! This audio series will present Halloween greetings, memories and station IDs
from some of the most infamous names to horror fans, as well as many names they will be
happy to learn. You’ll hear the renowned Forrest J. Ackerman himself, as well as David
Hedison (star of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and the original version of The Fly),
David Chomiak (writer of Fido), Sean Keller (writer of Dario Argento’s upcoming film
Gaillo), as well as other…

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Announcing: Home Haunters News and Reviews October Issue has been released!

In This issue:

– Xtreme Home Haunts

– Using Papier Mache

– Food Party Ideas

– And Much More

Visit Home Haunt News and Reviews

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It’s that time of year again when we’re gearing up to do our “31 Days of Graveyard Screams” starting October 1st only at

With a program airing every night, we would love for you to tune your “skeleton dial” in and help us spread the chills. Our main program is The Definitive Cinematic Retrospective but each year in October we switch over to all things horror. We highlight classic films, television, radio ect. from the silent era all the way up to 1970. That classic monster movie era! We’ll be playing Halloween music, sounds, old time radio programs, interviewing ghostly guests and more! We also let our audience talk about their favorites by having them participate in every show we do. We’ve got some great prizes to give away this year.

Here are a few guests that will be on the program, Oct 2nd  New York Times Best-Seller Tonya…

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The Extreme Halloween Network and Annie’s Costumes have a lot going on this season:

Take the Extreme Halloween Survey, Vote for your Favorite Costumes for Halloween 2008 & Win Weekly Prizes:
See the 5th Annual List of the Extreme Halloween Top Halloween Costume Picks for 2008:
Play Halloween Movie Trivia Game:
Annie’s Costumes 2008 Trick or Treat Video on YouTube! Who will be knocking at your door this Halloween?
Annie’s Costumes 2008 Halloween Party Video on You Tube Featuring some of the most popular Halloween Costumes for this year:
World of Warcraft players and fans can access Official World of Warcraft costumes at by clicking through the “Get Product” link at the opening screen of the WoW Game!

Bob Harper Productions, Inc. of Florida, along with Big Happy Family Publishing, California, are pleased to announce that Bob Harper’s collection of original horror tales entitled, Twisted Rhymes is now available for audio book download from i-tunes, as well as & worldwide. 

A CD of same may also be purchased at the link below as well as a few reviews from critics in the Sci-Fi/Horror Community.

Prepare for amazing audio entertainment! Twisted Rhymes is a remarkable collection of bizarre tales that will seize your imagination and lead you to the edge of darkness, time after time. Ten hauntingly unique stories await you, each with a twist, each with a chill all its own. From medieval days to the present, your mind will dance with imagery and shudder in the shadows of gloom!

This is by no means graphic horror, but more in the tradition of Hitchcock, Serling, and…

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This year The 2008 Macabre Mansion Special Halloween Broadcast will be featuring two Dark Shadows programs; “Dark Shadows, Return to Collinwood” and “Dark Shadows, The House of Despair”. Beginning Saturday October 25th
and continuing through Halloween, listen to Macabre Mansion for these two Dark Shadows audio productions as well as a special broadcast introduction recorded for us by Mr. David Selby.

In addition to Dark Shadows, this year we are pleased to be including two “Alien Voices” productions; “Alien Voices, The Invisible Man” and “Alien Voices, The Time Machine”. Alien Voices is the audio theater production company founded by Mr. Leonard Nimoy and Mr. John de Lancie and their audio productions feature the voice talent of fellow Star Trek actors. We’re pleased and thankful having been given special permission from Mr. Leonard
Nimoy and Mr. John de Lancie to broadcast these two excellent “Alien Voices” productions. Listen during the Halloween…

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GlowMan Costumes is changing the landscape of Halloween with five, fun and original glow stick costume designs.  These revolutionary glow stick costumes are taking the Halloween Industry by storm and promise to be the hottest costume of the 2008 season.  Great for individual, group or family applications, GlowMan Costumes come to life under the cover of darkness and can be seen from blocks away.  GlowMan, GlowGirl, GlowBot, GloWitch, and GlowPrincess are available in adult and children’s sizes at, as well as other on-line and in-store retailers. 
Determined to create a comfortable, safe and unique Halloween Costume with a WOW Factor, Leslie Lopez created illuminated stick figure costumes for her family by attaching glow sticks to clothing.   The response from friends, family and neighbors was overwhelming.  “That’s so cool!”  “Where can I get one of those?” and “I’m going to be a Glow Stick person next year!” were only…

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BUYSEASONS’ parent company, Liberty Media Corporation successfully completed the acquisition of Celebrate Express today. Celebrate Express will now be combined with BUYSEASONS, Inc. “This is a great day for our employees, our vendors and our customers,” commented Jalem Getz, BUYSEASONS’ CEO. “We have spent the last two months working with and getting to know Celebrate Express’ employees, and I would like to officially welcome them into the BUYSEASONS family and thank them for their dedication and hard work while we went through the acquisition process. Now that the transaction is complete we will begin working as a unified team to reenergize our fantastic retail brands”.

BUYSEASONS’ retail brand has led the online market for costumes and Halloween products since 1999. Birthday Express has had similar success in the children’s birthday party supplies market since its inception in 1994, which BUYSEASONS intends to leverage. “We look forward to getting…

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The CD consists of 24 tracks with the true Halloween enthusiast in mind. Perfect for the twisted backdrop to a commercial Haunted House event, or simply to ensure Trick-or-Treaters will remember a house for life.

These tracks are the culmination of direct feedback from a select group of both end-user “yard haunters” and commercial Haunts using our previous release “It’s Under the Stairs”. Because of it’s very limited distribution, some key tracks from that release are featured on TEEMING. The 1st track “Serious Young Demon” merges traditional horror string music, with a backdrop of psychotic sounds, random dramatic violin hits, and hellish reversed demons.

Departed Studios’ chief sound designer’s experience in production and soundscape ranges from work in Network TV and Cable programs to custom sound design for many top (Grammy winning) recording artists in the music industry. Recorded and mastered with both digital and vintage analog gear, TEEMING features…

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Welcome to Weirdsville, part of the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire, plays all
the Halloween novelty hits and plenty of Halloween & horror related novelty music and
comedy bits that you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Everything from Monster
Mash & The Purple People Eater to hundreds of crazy horror themed songs from the big
band era, the monster craze of the 50s & 60s right up to present day.
You’ll hear Spike Jones, Weird Al, Dickie Goodman, Allen Sherman, Bob McFadden, Sheldon
Allman, Elvira, Zacherle and hundreds more. You can tune in here:
Added to the mix recently were The Munsters at Home, The Addams Family TV Soundtrack,
Astro Al’s Psychedelic Drive-In Music, horror movie radio promos from the early 60s,
and dozens more monster novelties and breakin records.
The other stations of The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire will return to the
airwaves on October 1st.

A coalition of more than 20,000 small businesses and unions representing a half-million Californians vowed to continue their opposition to legislation that would make it a criminal offense to sell a helium-filled foil balloon in California. The bill was reported from the Assembly Business and Professions Committee after several previous failed attempts at reporting the bill were made on Tuesday, June 24, 2008.

“For the 20,000 florists, card stores and party shops that sell balloons across the state, this bill would mean a likely loss of $100 million in balloon sales and the potential loss of $900 million in sales of flowers and other merchandise. And for the state, this bill would compound the budget shortfall by reducing sales tax revenues by an estimated $80 million dollars every year,” said Dan Flynn, chairman of the Balloon Council, a national organization of balloon manufacturers, distributors and retail shops

”There is no…

read more has been chosen by Discovery Commerce, the direct-to-consumer, home video and licensing division of Discovery Communications, the number one-none fiction media company, to develop, market, and distribute a fun new line of kids’ costumes based on the Animal Planet brand and philosophy. The collaboration between and Discovery Commerce began in 2007 and the company has been busy designing a new, elite quality line of children’s Halloween costumes due to hit shelves this fall. already has a reputation for selling “must- have” exclusive lines of costumes and the soon-to-be released Animal Planet costumes are expected to be some of the most sought after children’s costumes this Halloween. The costumes feature some of the world’s rarest animals and are intended to highlight their imperiled status.

“We are excited to be partnering with another very well-known brand to offer our customers something truly unique,” remarked Karen Van Ert, Director of…

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Midnight Syndicate’s soundtrack to “The Rage” is now available at HOT TOPIC stores that have music sections as well as online at stores like, Amazon, and CDBaby.
To give the soundtrack a listen, please stop by our MySpace page ( We’ve also posted the first round of reviews at
Right now the band is working on their next CD, “The Dead Matter” which will be out September 1st.
“The Dead Matter” movie (the inspiration for that CD) is moving along quickly in post-production and should have it’s first trailer in May. Although the movie takes cues from Romero, the movie definitely has more of an old-school “White Zombie” approach to the living dead. “The Dead Matter” takes that and mixes it with a twisted supernatural story, vampires, and vintage-horror atmosphere.
The anticipated release date is late-2008 ( and .