april foolsThere are always a lot of different theories running around about The Walking Dead. With a show that popular it’s unescapable. But the crazy theories that were made up for April Fool’s Day were so outlandish that people should have known instantly that they weren’t true. However, some people really believed them and now they will live in infamy online tricking thousands of readers who don’t realize that they are hoaxes and not true. Here are a few of the April Fool’s Walking Dead stories that will probably be getting quoted online for the next few years:

Stephen King Writing The Walking Dead

Horror fans collectively held their breath when reading an article stating that Stephen King was writing the season premiere of The Walking Dead until they realized it was an April Fool’s joke. Stories said that King would be writing the premiere episode of Season 6 and that…

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American Horror Story: Hotel It turns out that all the information fans need to pin down what hotel is going to the scene of the next season of American Horror Story: Hotel may have been revealed already in AHS: Freakshow. Ryan Murphy had teased throughout the season that some information about next season would be hidden in Freakshow and once it was released that Lady Gaga had been cast as a headliner in the new season of AHS a lot of the clues in Freakshow became clear. Now it looks like a very famous hotel from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Garden of Allah Hotel, may be the setting for AHS: Hotel.  Check out these clues from Freakshow and judge for yourself:

The Top Hat

Remember that top hat that was printed on Maggie’s coffee cup? It wasn’t random, it was a clue about the next season of AHS. Ryan Murphy confirmed…

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allmaleIt was just recently that Sony announced plans to move forward with a Ghostbusters reboot featuring an all-female cast. Directed by Paul Feig the reboot will feature veteran funny ladies Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, who worked with Feig before the comedy hit Bridesmaids. It will also feature Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon from Saturday Night Live. That reboot is slated to started production in June and fans of the original Ghostbusters were excited to hear about the new female cast that would be featured in the reboot. The all-female cast was originally put into place to give the franchise a new look and new life, but is the all-female cast going to be a one-off thing?

Sony announced that they are already jumping headfirst into the Ghostbusters world.  They are pushing for a full reboot of the entire Ghostbusters franchise and fans are not just going to get…

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twd-sunThe Walking Dead finally returns to TV on February 8th. Fans have been waiting anxiously ever since the first half of Season 5 wrapped just before the holidays to see what happens next to the survivors. The mid-season finale ended with the death of Beth Greene which left fans reeling and some of them pretty angry. But both the cast and the showrunner Scott Gimple have promised that what fans have seen so far in Season 5 is nothing compared to what’s coming in the back eight episodes of Season 5.

A Lot of Chaos in a Short Time
Even though it seems to fans like the events of Season 4 and the first part of Season 5 have taken a huge chunk of time in the timeline of the show everything has been pretty quick. In Season 3 the conflicts with the Governor were extremely drawn out.…

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ugly-sweatersThe holidays don’t have to end on a sad note. Send off the holidays with a laugh by having an Ugly Sweater Party. Ugly Sweater parties are very trendy right now and holding one at the end of the holiday season or for New Year’s Eve will give your loved ones a chance to start the New Year on a happy note.

Ugly Sweater Parties are great for social media so if you have been wanting to get some Instagram or Twitter worthy pictures an Ugly Sweater Party is a great chance to take photos that will really stand out. You can even make your Ugly Sweater uglier by stapling ornaments, crochet animals and other items onto it. If you want to take your Ugly Sweater to the next level try wearing an Ugly Suit, which is an entire suit patterned like a traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater. Your Instagram followers…

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ZombieApocalypseA staggering amount of people believe that a zombie apocalypse could happen within their lifetime. More people have zombie disaster plans than have plans for things like floods, fires, and other natural disasters. Even the Federal government acknowledged the possibility of a zombie apocalypse when the CDC used a fictional zombie apocalypse as the basis for a pamphlet explaining how people should create an emergency plan. But how likely is a zombie apocalypse really? More likely than you might think. Check out some of these terrifying real life things that could ultimately cause a full blown zombie apocalypse:

Bath salts, cocaine, meth and other drugs are known to produce extreme behavior and paranoia in people who use them. Most people were horrified when people who had used bath salts turned on other people and started to eat them, much the way that zombies would. There is a strong possibility…

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oday is the day that Halloween fans have been waiting for!   Our sponsor put THOUSANDS of new things on their site!   There are more things than I have ever seen before.    Make sure to check out the new props and costumes here:

halloween-urbanUrban legends are a huge part of Halloween. There have been dozens of urban legends about Halloween that have become a part of Halloween lore. Some are true and some aren’t, but they are all scary. Some of them have shaped the way that Halloween is celebrated.

Others have even been used to pass laws regulating the celebration of Halloween. Even before there was social media these urban legends were passed from family to family and generation to generation and have become as much a part of the holiday as Trick or Treating or carving Jack O’Lanterns. Some of the most well known urban legends are:

Poisoned Candy

If you’re like most people you grew up always giving your Trick or Treat candy to your parents to be checked before you could eat it. You probably check your child’s candy as well, or take it to the hospital to be…

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hallow-catHalloween has been celebrated in many forms but it has been a holiday for over 1000 years.

Halloween has evolved over the years and it has been influenced by different religions and different cultures but originally it was a Celtic Pagan holiday.

At the end of the harvest season as the winter started it was thought that the veil that separated the world of the living from the world of dead would lift for one night, the darkest night of the year. On that night it was thought that the spirits of the dead would return to drag back to the world of the dead people who had wronged them.

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Show Your Love for Zombies by Celebrating Zombie Appreciation Month!  Did you know that zombies have their own appreciation and awareness month? May is Zombie zombieAppreciation Month each year. Even though most people think that October should be Zombie Appreciation Month because Halloween is in October the official month for celebrating all things zombie is May. That’s because May is the month when several very important zombie movies and shows take place, including the original zombie film Night of the Living Dead. During Zombie Appreciation Month people who love zombies should wear a gray awareness ribbon to help raise awareness of zombies and the potential zombie threat to civilization.

Some people don’t think zombies need their own appreciation and awareness month. But when you think about the huge impact that zombies have had on popular culture it does make sense that they have their own month. Zombies have come…

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We are sad that Harold Ramis has passed away.

Ghostbusters is our favorite movie of all time. According to his family, the writer/director/actor passed away February 24 at his home in Chicago. He apparently had complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis.


Make Read Across America even more fun this year by dressing up in great Dr. Seuss inspired cathatcostumes. Whether you are attending a local Read Across America even or organizing one it will be more fun if you dress up in costume, and let your kids dress up in costumes too. Encourage people to dress up by holding costume contests and giving away special party favors or prizes, such as Dr. Seuss books, to people who dress up. Read Across America events are the perfect venues to bring The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, The Lorax  and other Dr. Seuss characters to life. The kids will be even more excited to have The Cat in the Hat reading them books and encouraging them to read or eating green eggs and ham with them.

Read Across America is a program started by the National Education Alliance to try and…

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Rosemary’s Baby Gets a TV Reboot Starring Zoe Saldana

rosemaryNBC is embracing a return to scripted television, specifically dark theme scripted dramas, and is bringing back the miniseries to boot. With bona fide hits like Grimm and Hannibal, as well as perennial ratings hit Law and Order: Special Victims Unit NBC is breaking new and darker ground in the TV world. Inspired in part by the massive ratings for AMC’s juggernaut The Walking Dead NCB executives are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding new ways to bring dark drama to the screen. They are even bringing back a type of long form TV that hasn’t been used by the major networks in quite some time – the miniseries. NBC has ordered a miniseries reboot of horror classic Rosemary’s Baby and they have tapped screen start Zoe Saldana to play the title role of Rosemary Woodhouse.

The book…

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halloween3654uHalloween may only come once a year, but for hard core fans of the spooky holiday Halloween is part of their lives the rest of the year too.  Halloween has become one of the largest holidays in the country, second only to Christmas in the amount of money spent and in the number of people celebrating. Even though in some very religious areas of the country Halloween is still taboo for most of the US Halloween is a very big deal. Halloween fans spend more than 20 million dollars every year just on Halloween decorations. Another 22 million dollars is spent just on Halloween candy. And more than a billion dollars is spent each year on children’s Halloween costumes. It used to be that the only major holiday that people really decorated their homes for was Christmas, but now more people decorate their homes for Halloween than decorate their…

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sadThe Halloween season is over!  WOW!  What a great season it was.   There was a lot going on with the best props and costumes ever.

We are preparing things behind the scenes to make enhancements to Halloween News as we are already counting down to Halloween 2014!  Stay tuned.