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We don’t know about you, but we are always planning for Halloween.    On November 1 it is time to start getting ready for next Halloween.

The best site on the net for getting a Halloween Countdown is HalloweenCountdown.com.  With a decent selection and 2 collections, you can easily choose  an auto-updating countdown for your blog or site.   There are other sites that are full of ads and try to get you to install something that may contain something that you don’t want.

Halloween Countdown recently also launched a Facebook page:




halfway-saleOur friends and sponsor at Spirit Halloween are celebrating Halfway To Halloween big time this year by having a huge 50-75% off sale off select stuff.

We browsed through the selection and saw a lot of costumes, masks, accessories and makeup discounted.  Does not look like a lot of props are included in this sale, but a lot of stuff is.  Check it out at http://www.spirithalloween.com/halfway-to-halloween-sale/


SanimatronicBlowoutOur friends over at Spirit Halloween told us about a great sale that they are having where select animatronic props are 50% off.

For instance, We saw that Ghostface is under $100.  That is a really good deal from $249.    The sale ends on April 21 so make sure to check it out soon.   Go to http://www.spirithalloween.com/animatronic-sale/


LodgeThe Halloween Network is proud to announce an awesome new game inspired by Resident Evil.

of the new game Lodge Massacre at Caverns Of Blood.    There were some CRAZY and horrible murders at a haunted lodge and you are now the one to try figure out what has happened.



Home Haunt News is back.  It has been awhile since a new issue has been published, so it is great to have some new issues.

This is a special return mini-issue. Our next issue will be bigger and better. We are now looking for home haunters for the next issue. Information inside issue. Please share and help spread the word. See it at: http://www.homehauntnews.com/

The-Halloween-SiteSince 2000 The Halloween Site has been a resource for Halloween fans.  The site is proud to announce the complete re-launch for 2013.   

While the site has always been a great place to find answers, THS has begun creating a huge library of articles, how-to guides and activities to help you have the best Halloween ever.   Come check out the new http://www.thehalloweensite.com/



BIG NEWS from Home Haunt News for 2013!

HHN returns 03-13-13 better than ever! They are back! Home Haunt News was the first online publication dedicated to the home haunter! With how-to guides, make-up tricks, party ideas, and everything else related to home haunting!

Check out http://www.homehauntnews.com/

Have you ever noticed posts around the net about Halloween that you know is not true?  There are some organizations and individuals that attempt to purposely spread lies about Halloween for their own agenda.   We are not talking about clerical errors, we mean purposely saying that Halloween is about the devil.   Anyone who understands the true history of this great time of year knows that this is simply not true.

Mission: Promote Halloween – Help stop negative rumors….

Make sure to check out Halloween Army at: http://www.halloweenarmy.org/

Halloween Forum is happy to announce that Halloween Forum now has an app for both Android users and IPhone users.

How to get it:
Go to the official Iphone app store or Android market on your mobile device and search for “Halloween Forum”

With Halloween Forum Mobile, you can access HalloweenForum.com forums directly from your Android or Iphone device.

– Send and receive PM’s
– Access and post to the most recent discussions
– Read and post to Halloween Forum content
– View Halloween Forum profiles
– Customize your mobile account anywhere, anytime

It is a convenient way to access Halloween Forum.

What these apps are not: The app is not a replacement for coming to the site via a web browser. These applications are an easy way to access the basic features of the site, but not all features. Smart phone users may also access the site by coming…

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The Ghost Chris Baker takes you on a two hour roller coaster ride of haunt and Halloween mayhem. The show features haunt community news, horror reviews, prop spotlights, product reviews, haunt tactics, interviews with the nations premier haunters, music and more. Some of the guest interviewees have been Brent Ross of Devious Concoctions, Lynne and Shawn from the Mitchell Mausoleum, Chris & Jeff from the Davis Graveyard, Steve Hickman from Terror Syndicate, Stolloween and many more.

The audience has grown exponentially and is a tremendous hit within the Haunt/Halloween community. Their avid “Minions” are members from all the major
Haunt and Halloween forums, blogs, networks etc.. such as Halloween Forum, Haunt Forum, Garage of Evil, Haunt Space, Halloween-L & Haunt World.

What is a podcast you ask? A podcast is a radio program on mp3 format varying from 20 minutes to 2 hours. You download the show from their web…

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We were having some technical issues during the 2010 Halloween season.  

Halloween News is back is will resume posting news.   Thank you!

The Halloween Spectacle.com has now added great kids’ gift bags!  Each reusable tote is stuffed full of Halloween novelties, and of course, a copy of The Halloween Spectacle! $12.99 includes shipping.  www.thehalloweenspectacle.com

Halloween Directory has been one of the elite directories on the net for Halloween oriented sites.


The site has been completely re-designed for the new season.   Find the site that you are looking for.  Submit your site.