Halloween Props

pro-carveCarving pumpkins for Halloween is a tradition that families can enjoy together. You don’t have to be an artist to create a beautifully carved pumpkin. But if you want to carve a great looking pumpkin it does help to have a little inside knowledge. If you have always used paper cut out patterns to carve pumpkins and want to try something new or if you want to take your pumpkin carving to the next level these tips are for you. Some of the best pumpkin carvers from around the country have contributed these tips to help you carve elaborate faces and scenes for Halloween this year. Use these tips to get Jack O’Lanterns that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Get the right tools – Household knives are fine for carving simple patterns, but if you want to create works of art in your pumpkins you need to have…

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We buy a lot of our Halloween decorations and costumes.  I always will.  But sometimes it is really easy an cheap to make your own.

Christmas is still the most decorated holiday of the year but Halloween decorations are gaining on Christmas decorations every year. Inspired by the over the top musical and light extravaganzas that used to be only for Christmas passionate fans of Halloween are creating similar light and music shows for Halloween in neighborhoods all over the country. Why is it becoming trendy to go all out decorating for Halloween?diy


Social theorists and pop culture pundits point to several factors that are contributing to the rise in extreme Halloween decorations including:

Cost – Before the use of relatively inexpensive LED lights it would have cost a fortune to mount a giant light show for any holiday. Decorating for Halloween was also difficult because many…

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Spirit recently released a sneak peek into their new stores including their Haunted House theme:

It’s called the Haunted Mansion for a reason! Everywhere you look, there’s another terrifying animated prop from Gruesome Granny to Pumpkin Nester to the Talking Cherubs. Head to your local Spirit Halloween to experience the Haunted Mansion yourself!

It looks like they are really decorating their stores this year.   We have been told that most stores open the first week of September.

This year try something new and turn your house or garage into a haunted insane asylum for Halloween. Old decaying asylums are terrifying to most people. And those fears are justified. More paranormal activity has been capture on tape and on film in old mental hospitals, asylums and workhouses than anywhere else. It is said that when people die violently or die after suffering their spirits can’t move on. The paranormal activity that goes on constantly at old insane asylums seems to prove that spirits who have suffered really do have a hard time moving on.

It’s well known that insane asylums and poor houses were havens for medical experimentation and other abuses that in many cases amounted to torture. Thousands of mentally ill and poor people were abused and died at insane asylums well up into the 1960s. Although most of the asylums have been shut down the building…

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Most hardcore Halloween fans know that Spirit Halloween begins to reveal all of the new props for the upcoming season throughout July.

So far they have revealed some great looking props.   There appears to be a lot of zombies (no surprise), gnomes and a whole bunch of jumping props similar to the Jumping spider that was so popular last year.

Representatives at Spirit say that there is A LOT more to be revealed.   They can be seen throughout social media especially on their Facebook page .   Most props are also being revealed on HalloweenForum.com

Here are some of our favorites so far:



Spirit Halloween today released their video of their House Of Horror theme in their 2012 stores

Spirit Halloween has another exclusive prop called The Wolf Spitter.

This is one of the new props that is very different from any other prop ever.  This one SPITS at you.  Check out the video.   This is hilarious and seems like a good way to scare your visitors or trick-or-treaters.

What could be worse than stumbling upon a werewolf eating a severed leg? How about if it looks up from it’s prey and sprays a fine mist of water on you – yuck! Shower your visitors this Halloween with this Animated Wolf Spitting prop for only $199.99.

It is already for sale/pre-sale at: http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/mp-wolf-spitter/

What do you think about this one?


This is another prop that is exclusive to Spirit Halloween that we think is going to be a huge seller this season.   Whether Regan is new to you or if y0u are a die-hard fan of The Exorcist, this prop seems affordable and something that your party-goers and trick-r-treaters will love.

Lying Regan – Exclusively at Spirit this Halloween Season
What could be worse than watching Regan possessed by the devil – unless it’s happening in your own home. This life-size officially licensed Rising Regan Animated Prop from The Exorcist does exactly what you’d expect and nothing can stop her. Let her sleep in your bed for only $179.99!

Wicked Witch – Exclusively at Spirit Halloween


Another great prop released for this season.

The posable and officially licensed Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West decoration is sound and motion activated; she says lines from the movie. Conjure up some Halloween fun when you invite the Wicked Witch of the West to your home – you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!


Keep her away from an open flame and whatever you do, don’t pour any water on the Wicked Witch of the West -she is for indoor use only. Bring the six foot prop home for only $199.99.   She is over 6 feet tall!

A new Spirit Halloween exclusive this year is the Jumping Zombie

This is one of the props that we think will sell out fast!   This is going to be very popular… IT IS COOL!

It’s alive! The Jumping Zombie animated prop rises and lowers in a never-ending chain of gruesome grave-taunting afterlife. Eyes aglow, mouth agape and fingers clawing for some form of life – perhaps you! Bring the Halloween party to life with this creepy Jumping Zombie animated decoration for only $119.99. Requires 4 AA batteries. Includes electric plug and six foot cord.

Looks great for under $120


We think that we really like this prop.  It is called Death Row and only available at Spirit Halloween this season.

The Electrocuted Prisoner decoration is a clothed man who lights up and moves from left to right as if he is being electrocuted; it requires 4 AA batteries (not included) and includes an electric plug and 6 ft. cord.  They are expected to go for $99.99


Limb Ripping Werewolf will be available this year exclusively at Spirit Halloween this year.   Today they have begun announcing their 2012 lineup.   We will do our best to cover some what we consider will be some of the most popular.

Add new meaning to the threat “I’ll rip you limb from limb” with the 6’ tall Limb Ripper Werewolf. The frighteningly authentic wolf man bears the remnants of his human clothing but they are stained with blood. I wouldn’t stand too close as he sways side to side and his eyes light up red in anticipation of his next meal.

Only $199.99 US/$229.99 CA


Spirit Halloween released an awesome video that displays many of their new 2011 Halloween props.


Check out:




About Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween was founded out of the observation of a trend on the verge of explosion. Since the opening of its first store in 1983, Spirit has experienced tremendous growth. In 1999 Spirit Halloween operated 63 seasonal locations throughout the United States and was acquired by Spencer Gifts LLC. Since its acquisition Spirit has expanded its store base from 63 locations to over 900 for the 2011 season and is well positioned to become the leading national Halloween retailer. Spirit Halloween stores are situated in high visibility, high-traffic strip centers. The typical store opens around Labor Day weekend and closes in early November. Spirit Halloween Superstores are located in 48 states and Canada in all major markets.

In-Store Experience

Spirit Halloween’s specialty retail stores are the…

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Scream Ghost Face Coming To Spirit Halloween in 2011

Life Size, Head turns side to side, eyes light up white, slashing arm motion, body turns side to side, Speaks actual movie phrases, Optional plug-in phone activation, Sound and motion activated. Phone included. Includes AC/DC adapter  Only $249.99

The phone is included. It has a motion sensor on the front. As the person walks by it the phone rings. When you pick up the phone the prop begins to talk and move. (You can not speak into the phone).

There is not yet any more information.