american horror story - Angela BassettThe cast for American Horror Story: Hotel gets more impressive every time a new cast member is announced. While the location and the backstory of the Hotel that will serve as the basis of the season is unknown with a cast of this caliber the show can’t help but be amazing no matter what the setting is. Recently Angela Bassett confirmed that she will once again be appearing in American Horror Story. She has acted in the show in two other seasons, Coven and Freakshow. Even though fans are sad that Jessica Lange will not be appearing in this season of AHS the cast for Hotel is getting fans really excited for the October premiere of Hotel.

Old Hollywood Glam

It’s been rumored that the Hotel season is going to be set in LA during the Golden Age of Hollywood at the infamous Garden of Allah hotel. Considering the star…

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Summer is coming and while superhero movies like The Avengers: Age of Ultron are set to dominate the summer box office there are still some new movies coming out that horror fans will enjoy in between blockbusters. Here’s a quick look at some of the horror films coming out this summer that horror fans should be sure to see:

Before I Wake (June)

Before I Wake is a horror film about a boy whose dreams come true. A couple that lost their son becomes foster parents and takes in a boy who has a traumatic past. From the first night he arrives strange things start to happen. At first the apparitions from his dreams are joyful and beautiful things like butterflies, and the couple’s lost son appearing to them happy and healthy. Then darker things start to happen as they realize that what he’s dreaming is becoming real and the…

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april foolsThere are always a lot of different theories running around about The Walking Dead. With a show that popular it’s unescapable. But the crazy theories that were made up for April Fool’s Day were so outlandish that people should have known instantly that they weren’t true. However, some people really believed them and now they will live in infamy online tricking thousands of readers who don’t realize that they are hoaxes and not true. Here are a few of the April Fool’s Walking Dead stories that will probably be getting quoted online for the next few years:

Stephen King Writing The Walking Dead

Horror fans collectively held their breath when reading an article stating that Stephen King was writing the season premiere of The Walking Dead until they realized it was an April Fool’s joke. Stories said that King would be writing the premiere episode of Season 6 and that…

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game of thronesAfter a very long wait Game of Thrones is finally back on HBO. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the fifth season of Game of Thrones which promises even more intrigue, bloodshed and carnage this season. Plus, the White Walkers will be attacking the Wall. Some of the fan favorite characters like Hodor and Bran Stark will be taking this season off and will be reappearing in later seasons. That’s because there is so much packed into this season that Bran’s storyline, which is largely caught up to the books the show is based on, will have to wait. Some of the biggest storylines in the epic tale of the fight for the Iron Throne are about to converge and fans can’t wait.

A Song of Ice and Fire No Longer

The show was based on a series of books by George R.R. Martin that started with A Song of Ice…

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the walking deadHalloween is coming fast and it’s time to get your Halloween 2015 costume started. This year’s hottest costumes will sell out quickly so you better start shopping early if you want to get the best costumes. Some of the most popular costumes for 2015 are classics that are always popular but others may surprise you. Here’s a look at the Halloween costumes that will be the most popular in 2015:

Superhero Costumes

For kids and adults superhero costumes are going to be more popular than ever this year. The increase in TV shows and movies featuring superheroes means that more people than ever will be dressing up as a favorite superhero for Halloween. Classic heroes like Batman and Superman will be still popular but you will also see some newer superheroes in the ranks. Fantastic Four costumes as well as Star Wars costumes will be in high demand for kids…

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game of thronesAre you ready to return to Westeros? Game of Thrones is coming back, finally. The season premiere of Game of Thrones, titled The Wars to Come, will air on HBO on April 12th. A lot of things have changed for the inhabitants of Westeros and fans will see new alliances, new lands, and old enemies plotting against each other again. Here’s what is coming when Game of Thrones returns:

New Way to Watch

One of the biggest changes is that fans will be able to watch Game of Thrones and other HBO shows and movies without waiting until the day after the show airs and without having a cable subscription. HBO announced the arrival of HBO Now recently. HBO Now is a streaming content service similar to Netflix that will have all current and past HBO shows and movie available for instant streaming. Fans will be able to…

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The Walking DeadRecently a writer published an article asking realistically how long The Walking Dead will last on TV. The writer speculated that even though AMC might want the show to go on for 15-20 seasons and even though there is a lot of source material the show probably won’t last that long. The writer thinks that the public will get tired of the zombie trope and turn away from the show long before the show can hit the 20 season mark. But, is that realistic? Not really when you look at these key factors that the writer didn’t even consider:

Zombies Aren’t Going Anywhere

zombiesZombies have been a part of pop culture since 1968 when Night of the Living Dead came out. Since then there have thousands of feature films about zombies and even more books, short stories and TV shows. Over the decades zombies have only gotten more popular. When…

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American Horror Story: Hotel It turns out that all the information fans need to pin down what hotel is going to the scene of the next season of American Horror Story: Hotel may have been revealed already in AHS: Freakshow. Ryan Murphy had teased throughout the season that some information about next season would be hidden in Freakshow and once it was released that Lady Gaga had been cast as a headliner in the new season of AHS a lot of the clues in Freakshow became clear. Now it looks like a very famous hotel from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Garden of Allah Hotel, may be the setting for AHS: Hotel.  Check out these clues from Freakshow and judge for yourself:

The Top Hat

Remember that top hat that was printed on Maggie’s coffee cup? It wasn’t random, it was a clue about the next season of AHS. Ryan Murphy confirmed…

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allmaleIt was just recently that Sony announced plans to move forward with a Ghostbusters reboot featuring an all-female cast. Directed by Paul Feig the reboot will feature veteran funny ladies Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, who worked with Feig before the comedy hit Bridesmaids. It will also feature Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon from Saturday Night Live. That reboot is slated to started production in June and fans of the original Ghostbusters were excited to hear about the new female cast that would be featured in the reboot. The all-female cast was originally put into place to give the franchise a new look and new life, but is the all-female cast going to be a one-off thing?

Sony announced that they are already jumping headfirst into the Ghostbusters world.  They are pushing for a full reboot of the entire Ghostbusters franchise and fans are not just going to get…

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When American Horror Story: Freakshow debuted in October of 2014 there was some doubt about whether or not it would be the last incarnation of the serial show. From the beginning American Horror Story has been one of only a few TV shows to take on a serialized format where each season was an entirely different story and setting with the same actors playing new roles. Each season was one complete story where the story wrapped up in the season finale. Freakshow had a record setting premiere and audiences embraced the unique storyline set in the 1950s in Florida and following the stories of Elsa Mars and her stable of sideshow freaks. Thanks to the huge popularity of this chapter of the story the show was renewed early on in the season.

But there was some doubt about the casting of the show because one of the fan favorites Jessica…

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Fans of the original Poltergeist film have been waiting with a mix of anticipation and dread to see the trailer for the new Poltergeist reboot coming this summer. Originally the new version of Poltergeist was supposed to debut around this time but it got moved to the summer and is currently slated for release in July 2015. All eyes were on the trailer to see if the film would be able to find the right balance between the original and the new.

A Risky Reboot
The reboot was a risky proposition from the start. Poltergeist is one of the most iconic horror films in history and is one of the genre defining films of 80s horror films. Poltergeist ushered in an entirely new type of horror film in the early 80s and became the film that defined 80s horror. To remake a film that had such a huge impact on…

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twd-sunThe Walking Dead finally returns to TV on February 8th. Fans have been waiting anxiously ever since the first half of Season 5 wrapped just before the holidays to see what happens next to the survivors. The mid-season finale ended with the death of Beth Greene which left fans reeling and some of them pretty angry. But both the cast and the showrunner Scott Gimple have promised that what fans have seen so far in Season 5 is nothing compared to what’s coming in the back eight episodes of Season 5.

A Lot of Chaos in a Short Time
Even though it seems to fans like the events of Season 4 and the first part of Season 5 have taken a huge chunk of time in the timeline of the show everything has been pretty quick. In Season 3 the conflicts with the Governor were extremely drawn out.…

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gbcastIt’s finally official! The reboot of Ghostbusters with an all-female cast is moving forward and it’s going to be hilarious. Taking on the challenge of becoming Ghostbusters are some seriously funny ladies: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. Jones and McKinnon have proved their comedy cred on Saturday Night Live and they will have no trouble living up to their SNL alum Kristen Wiig’s lead. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig starred together in the comedy hit Bridesmaids which was directed by Paul Feig, who is also directing the Ghostbusters reboot. Also on board is writer Kate Dippold, who will join Feig in writing the script. Dippold has worked with Melissa McCarthy before. She wrote the script for The Heat in which McCarthy starred with Sandra Bullock. She just recently wrote a sequel to that film and has also worked on Parks and Recreation and Mad TV.


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gaThe new promotional material for the second half of Season 5 of The Walking Dead confirms fan speculation that the group is heading out of Georgia. The map that Abraham left for Rick when Abraham and the others set off for Washington and left Rick’s group at the church is proof that the group will be moving on. Also, the Alexandria Safe-Zone set was built in Senoia, GA where the show films over the summer and the fall. It is very likely that the group will try to take Noah to Richmond to find his family. They may or may not be successful, but they almost certainly head to the Safe-Zone from there. And while some fans are worried about what changes the group will go through when they leave Georgia it’s definitely time for the survivors to move out into the wider world. Here are 5 reasons why it’s…

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real-crimesSome of the scariest horror movies have even more terrifying origins.

They were based on real life crimes and events that shocked and horrified the general public. While there are hundreds of movies designed to play on primal fears and give people a good scare these movies are terrifying because they depict some of the worst real life crimes that ever happened.

These horror stories prove that no matter how scary shows and movies like The Walking Dead are humans have much more to fear from each other than any monster that they might encounter.

The Girl Next Door (2007)
In the film The Girl Next Door the story is told from the point of view of a man who as an adolescent met two sisters who were sent to live with their aunt, his next door neighbor, after their parents died. One of the girls was singled out by…

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