stay-puftPeople have been fascinated with magical creatures and the supernatural for a very long time. If you look at the most popular stories of mankind, you will realize that most of them are based on fantasy creatures that live side by side with us, humans.

There are some TV shows and movies out there that have really brought out everyone’s fascination with these mythical creatures and characters. Supernatural (featuring Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who hunt these creatures), Grimm (featuring a descendent of the Grimm brothers and many fantasy characters) and Ghostbusters (featuring a team of people dealing particularly with ghost hunting) are among these TV Shows/movies

Ghostbusters is probably the oldest one out of all the 3 mentioned above. The first movie was released in 1984 and ever since then, it has managed to somehow make everyone out there be fascinated with it from multiple points of view.…

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horse-maskHave you seen photos on social media that feature people artfully posed wearing animal masks? These photos are usually heavily filtered and presented as art rather than traditional photographs. They are everywhere on sites like Facebook and Instagram and the trend is not showing any sign of slowing down. These photos can be funny, disturbing, creepy or intriguing but they are rarely boring. People who love to take photos are exploring trends like this as a way to present their work and get their photographs noticed. Social media is so choked with photographs every day that it’s easy for photos to get lost in the endless parade of selfies and photos of meals. Animal mask photos stand out and make people stop and look, and they’ve been around for longer than you might realize.

As far as anyone can tell the trend of taking artful photos while wearing animal head…

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comicconFan conventions used to be only something that fans of science fiction and comics attended. Since those things were considered to be nerdy, and nerdy was not something that was socially acceptable to be, those conventions were generally not too well attended or popular. But the San Diego Comic Con changed that. Commonly just called Comic Con or SDCC this convention made it socially acceptable to go to conventions.

Now fans of action, science fiction and horror films, TV shows, comics, and video games regularly attend cons. Major movie studios and TV studios regularly debut trailers and other marketing materials at cons. Some studios even develop special companion comics to a large scale release specifically to build interest about a movie at a con before the movie actually premiers. Studios host panels at SDCC where the stars, writers and producers of movies and TV shows talk about their work. And…

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gotlogoIt is close to impossible not to have heard (at least!) about the great HBO TV show Game of Thrones. This fantasy-like show has caught millions of people around the world and every season is eagerly awaited by them. Every single episode makes you stick to your chair in awe and amazement and every single end of the season leaves you thirsty for more. Once you watch the first couple of episodes in this show, you are bound to get addicted to it.

got2Crimes, sex, love, hatred – you name it and you’ve got it all. Sometimes bloody, sometimes downright erotic and other times simply sweet, this show is meant for a lot of types of viewers and regardless of whether you like war-themed movies or fantasy movies, you will most likely love Game of Thrones.

The secret lies in perfect writing and in impeccable acting as well. The plots are always surprising and it is really difficult to predict what will happen next. The characters are extremely well built and they will win your heart (or your hatred) in an instant. Even more, you will end up loving some of them one second and then hating them the next because none of them are just “good” or just “bad”.

As for the acting, each and every actor in the show makes a great job at bringing to life its character. There is something extremely realistic about portraying a world that is mere fantasy and where dragons, walking dead people and witchcraft are daily thing all characters deal with. read more

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confirmedwhoghostbustersDan Aykroyd confirms Ghostbusters 3 goes into pre-production in Spring 

Among all the movies with a supernatural theme out there, Ghostbusters definitely plays an important role. While the main theme may not be original (it was certainly not the very first ghost story put on the big screen out there), the characters, the plot and the production of the movies have gained it a huge fan “database” that is eagerly awaiting for a new movie to come out (even if it has been several years since the last one was released).

Ghostbusters – The Original Story

The first movie featured Aykroyd (one of the scriptwriters), Bill Murray and Harlod Ramis (the other one of the scriptwriters) as parapsychologists living in New York who want to start a business focused on catching ghosts. At first, everyone is naturally skeptical to the idea of such a business, but the boys soon gain…

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oday is the day that Halloween fans have been waiting for!   Our sponsor put THOUSANDS of new things on their site!   There are more things than I have ever seen before.    Make sure to check out the new props and costumes here:

the shiningThe Shining remains a Halloween tradition.  When Stanley Kubrick started a film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Shining he didn’t set out to make a masterpiece. He was coming off of the release of a film that wasn’t a very big success commercially and he wanted to make a commercially appealing film that would generate some box office cash and hopefully get a little critical acclaim. But the primary motivation was commercial success. Thanks to his relentless attention to detail and his ability to use suspense and other elements he ended up creating one of the scariest films of all time. The film was released 1980 but is still culturally relevant today. References to scenes within the film are everywhere in popular culture. References to “Redrum” and other plot devices are almost universally recognized.

Even though the film is an adaptation of the novel there are some large differences…

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Halloween is one of the few holidays when it’s probably more fun to be an adult than a kid. That may be why so many adults love Halloween and love to go all out for adult-partyHalloween. Throwing an amazing Halloween party for adults can be tough because a party can quickly cross the line from cool to hokey with just a couple missteps. If your party ends up being boring or too predictable people won’t have fun and next year you might find that no one wants to come to your Halloween party. To make sure that doesn’t happen you need to throw the best adult Halloween party that your friends and family have been to in a long time. Here are some tips and inspirations to help you throw an unforgettable Halloween party for adults:

Choose a theme that fits your space: Don’t even think about not having a…

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eyesCostume lenses are a great way to complete a costume. Wearing lenses with a Halloween costume can make your costume look a lot more pulled together, and wearing lenses with a costume built for Cosplay is practically essential to get the right look for a character. Costume lenses are available in a huge range of colors, styles and prices. Theatrical effect lenses can give you alien eyes, anime eyes, or even zombie eyes that look good enough to be an extra on The Walking Dead. But if you have never worn costume lenses before there are some things that you should be aware of.

The first thing you need to know is that you do need a prescription for lenses even if you have perfect vision. The eye doctor will note on your prescription the width of your eyes which will help in assessing what size costume lenses you need.…

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spiderman-costumeIt does not really matter how old you are at the moment and it does not even matter what gender you have – you will always love superheroes. There is an almost limitless fascination most of the people out there develop towards superheroes and the truth is that they can be more then exciting. From Superman to Batman and to the more “exotic” superheroes (such as those with powers that are even more magical), there is a wide array of characters that saved the world on multiple occasions and from multiple types of villains.

Superheroes are naturally loved – in the end, there is no way you will not love the good guys. However, what most of the people out there don’t really know is that most of the nowadays popular superheroes have been created with a deeper meaning as well. For instance, Captain America was created during the World…

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the-purgeEverybody loves Halloween and the truth is that there is no way you cannot love it. It is that time of the year when stories really materialize into reality, when horror movies are better than ever and when kids enjoy playing ghosts and heroes and trick or treating their neighbors. Halloween is amazing and it is worth all your attention indeed.

This season, masks inspired by the movie “The Purge” will be in demand for sure. As a popular movie, it has definitely gathered a lot of fans out there and you or your friends may be interested in actually trying to see how entering the characters’ skin will actually feel.  read more

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pharrellwPharrell Williiam’s Hat expected to be popular this Halloween

2014 is only halfway through, but for the show business industry, it has truly been a very, very crowded year. There were so many things that happened this year that December will definitely flood you with retrospectives that will make you laugh, that will make you cry and that will make you feel nostalgic.

For starters, some of the most expected movies were released. “The Amazing Spider Man 2”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Transformers 4”, “Maleficent”, “Frozen”- these are just some of the movies that came out this year and that conquered everyone’s hearts (regardless of whether they were fans of the series or if they had just discovered a new movie). Every single one of these movies was thoroughly expected and every single one managed to meet up to the expectations as well. Mind-blowing, interesting, postmodern and cute –…

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halloween-urbanUrban legends are a huge part of Halloween. There have been dozens of urban legends about Halloween that have become a part of Halloween lore. Some are true and some aren’t, but they are all scary. Some of them have shaped the way that Halloween is celebrated.

Others have even been used to pass laws regulating the celebration of Halloween. Even before there was social media these urban legends were passed from family to family and generation to generation and have become as much a part of the holiday as Trick or Treating or carving Jack O’Lanterns. Some of the most well known urban legends are:

Poisoned Candy

If you’re like most people you grew up always giving your Trick or Treat candy to your parents to be checked before you could eat it. You probably check your child’s candy as well, or take it to the hospital to be…

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