Terminator fans got the news they have been waiting for this year. It was announced that not only will there be a new Terminator film that film will be the first in a new Terminator trilogy. The new film will be called Terminator: Genesis. The Terminator reboot will star Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as the Terminator. However, there is no information yet on how the writers will incorporate the now 66 year old Arnold’s age into the story. In fact not much is known about the move at all except that the release date will be June 2015. It was also recently announced that Emilia Clarke, better known to fans as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, will play Sara Connor in the Terminator reboot.

There is some speculation about other stars and new characters that might be brought in to round out the cast. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…

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apesOne of the most anticipated films of 2014 is the sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes titled Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a groundbreaking reboot of the sci fi classic Planet of the Apes. Using ground breaking technology and special effects allowed the writers and producers to create human and ape hybrid characters that were eerie and fascinating as well as a little scary.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is set 15 years after the ending of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. There are still some survivors of the virus that caused the hybridization and wiped out most of humanity but not too many. The apes are growing in number and growing more powerful. Cesar, the fierce leader from the first film, is one of the central characters in the film. In…

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We recently came across the new line of Party Suits over at Spirit Halloween. If you want to make a statement or turn a gathering into a real event wear a party suit. Easyparty-suits-news to wear and in great colors and designs these suits are formal wear with a twist for people who want to show off their unique sense of style at any occasion. These fun suits are available in many different themes that are appropriate for many different events. They are not just for Halloween, although they are a fabulous choice for Halloween. Wearing one of these suits with a mask or other accessories is an easy way to put a great Halloween costume together without a lot of fuss. Party suits are also machine washable, which makes them very easy to take care of. With so many different kinds of suits to choose from you can wear…

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purgeIt’s official that The Purge 2 is happening but not too much else about the film has been put out. The Purge 2 is set to debut in early summer 2014 which is pretty quick but the studio doesn’t want to wait. They want to capitalize on the surprising success of the first film. The Purge cost just 3 million dollars to make and ended up grossing more than 89 million dollars.

The film’s producer, Jason Blum, pushed to get a sequel to the film out once it was clear that the first film was a bona fide hit. Blum is known for his ability to take a stand alone film, usually a low budget film, and turn it into a string of successful films. One of the most successful franchises that Blum has worked on is the Paranormal Activity series of films. The original Paranormal Activity was a one…

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birds-remakeThe Birds Remake Finally Given the Green Light.  One of the most loved of Alfred Hitchcock’s films is finally going to get a modern reboot. The Birds, which is often called one of his best films, is going to be given a modern film treatment by a Dutch director, Diederik Van Rooijen. Some industry insiders are puzzled by the choice because VanRooijen has not directed a major Hollywood film before and has only directed one other film, which was not an English language film. But it’s taken a long time for Universal Pictures to find the right director to tackle a remake of such an iconic film. Not too many directors want to take on the task of updating such a classic film.  The film has not yet been cast, probably because finding exactly the right woman to play Melanie Daniels is also going to be a long process. Originally…

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Spirit Halloween just released us info on their new – Zombie Baby Naming Contest – on Facebook.   You could win a full nursery of Zombie Babies plus a gift card.   They are even letting you enter once per hour so that you can submit a bunch of names.

It would be awesome if a Halloween News reader would win.     Have you ever wanted to name a popular product?  This is your chance!

You can enter now through April 6, 2014 here:  http://bit.ly/NameZombie



spiders-50We just received an ad that we had to share.   One of our favorite props of all time is half off!   You can get a jumping spider for only $39.99!

There are videos all over youtube of people using this jumping spider to scare trick or treators, friends and family.

Here is the link: http://bit.ly/HFspider

poltergeistOne of the most beloved horror films of all time is about to get a modern reboot. Poltergeist, which was released in 1982, is one of the most successful and most beloved horror films in history. It might seem strange to think that people could love a horror film but it has all the elements to make the film something that people. It has a family that loves each other going through adversity and eventually triumphing over that adversity. It has cute kids. And it has terrifying ghosts and killer clowns. That’s a recipe for success when it comes to horror movies.

The new Poltergeist won’t be just a retelling of the original story. The story and the experiences of the original family, the Freelings, are so entrenched in the 80s that to simply redo the original story would be to discredit the original film. In the new film there…

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goosebumpsAnyone who grew up in the 90s knows R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. Before Harry Potter swept the world and became the most popular young adult series in the history of time there was R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series which is now the second most popular young adult series in history. Goosebumps is a horror series for kids. On the face of it that doesn’t sound like something that many parents would approve of. But, R.L. Stine’s novels were about things that all kids are scared of and the stories helped kids face and overcome their fear of the dark, fear of monsters, and other childhood fears. More than 60 books were published in the series, and they sold over 30 million copies. Even though the books were wildly popular no feature film based on Goosebumps was ever made. Until now. There was an animated TV show that ran for three years in the late 90s but no film.

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Beetlejuice is Back in a Sequel to the Original Cult Classic!

bj2There has been speculation for a long time about a Beetlejuice sequel and now it looks like it’s actually going to become a reality. In early February Michael Keaton, who starred as Beetlejuice in the original film, confirmed that he and director Tim Burton have been in email discussions about a sequel. Beetlejuice 2 looks like it is really going to happen and the fans couldn’t be happier about it. Winona Ryder has also confirmed that she has been involved in talks about reprising her role as Lydia Deetz. Beetlejuice 2 will focus on Lydia, and tell the story of what happens to Lydia after she escapes being the bride of Beetlejuice. No word has been released yet about whether or not the Maitlands will be part of the story of the sequel.

In the original film the Maitlands…

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We are sad that Harold Ramis has passed away.

Ghostbusters is our favorite movie of all time. According to his family, the writer/director/actor passed away February 24 at his home in Chicago. He apparently had complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis.


hanniNBC was behind the show Hannibal from the start. The show went into development in 2011 and took several years to bring to the screen. After the network saw that other networks were reaching huge audiences with dark dramas it wanted a signature dark drama to help bolster flagging scripted drama ratings. The producer of the former NBC hit Heroes worked with several others, including 30 Days of Night director David Slade, to bring Hannibal to the small screen. The network even brought in world renowned celebrity chef Jose Andres to act as a consultant to the show on how human flesh would be prepared in order to be eaten for the scenes that show Hannibal Lecter consuming the flesh of his victims. NBC went big by committing to a full season of the dream without even seeing the pilot.

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darylFans can’t get enough of their favorite Walking Dead characters. First run episodes of The Walking Dead have broken records consistently and have set viewer records that no other cable show has ever come close to. But episodes of The Walking Dead from past seasons are still setting records as more and more people watch their favorite episodes again. New fans are discovering the epic AMC show everyday and older fans are watching and rewatching episodes. The station even issued a special run of all three previous seasons in black and white, which fans went crazy for.

The frenzy for The Walking Dead is also being fed by popular new race events like Run For Your Lives which are 5k races over water, hills and obstacles that runners must complete while being chased by zombies. Each runner is given three flags at the beginning of the race. Zombies on the…

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Make Read Across America even more fun this year by dressing up in great Dr. Seuss inspired cathatcostumes. Whether you are attending a local Read Across America even or organizing one it will be more fun if you dress up in costume, and let your kids dress up in costumes too. Encourage people to dress up by holding costume contests and giving away special party favors or prizes, such as Dr. Seuss books, to people who dress up. Read Across America events are the perfect venues to bring The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, The Lorax  and other Dr. Seuss characters to life. The kids will be even more excited to have The Cat in the Hat reading them books and encouraging them to read or eating green eggs and ham with them.

Read Across America is a program started by the National Education Alliance to try and get…

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